The jackpots in the Mega Millions have been making headlines for years now, but there is so much more to this lottery than the first prize. In fact, there are as many as eight other prize categories that you can win in this exciting game. You have at least nine reasons to play! Let us tell you all about these prizes and how you can win them.

The Mega Millions Jackpot

The US Mega Millions came close to breaking the world record for the highest jackpot on October 23rd, 2018. Its $1.53 billion prize is the second largest prize in the entire history of the lottery. To win it, you have to match all the 5 main numbers and the Mega Ball. Considering that it starts from $40 million, the first prize is a good enough reason to play Mega Millions online every single time. Now let us tell you about the other 8 great reasons!

The Mega Millions Second Prize

Did you know that with Mega Millions, you can become a millionaire, even if you don’t match all of the winning numbers? With the 5 main numbers on your ticket and no Mega Ball, you can still scoop $1 million. Moreover, if you play with the Megaplier, that amount could be increased to up to $5 million!

Mega Millions Secondary Prizes

The US Mega Millions lottery has a total of 9 prize categories. In addition to the jackpot and the second prize, which can turn you into millionaires, you have the chance of winning other smaller prizes, which will still make your life sweeter.

Prize Category Match Amount Winning Odds
Jackpot5+PBMin. $40M1:302,575,350
2nd Prize5$1M1:12,607,306
3rd Prize4+PB$10,0001:931,001
4th Prize4$5001:38,792
5th Prize3+PB$2001:14,547
6th Prize3$101:606
7th Prize2+PB$101:693
8th Prize1+PB$41:89
9th Prize0+PB$21:37

Boost Prizes with the Megaplier

If you want to make the Mega Millions prizes even bigger, then make sure to play with the Megaplier. The lottery multipler can increase all secondary prizes that you win 2, 3, 4, or even 5 times. That’s right! The $1 million second prize can get as high as $5 million if you play with the Megaplier, so don’t forget to add it to your ticket! Find out everything about this amazing multipler on our Megaplier page.

Mega Millions Hall of Fame

The Mega Millions set the world record for the biggest jackpot in 2012 with its $656 million first prize. It held it until January 2016, when its main contender, the US Powerball had its legendary $1.56 billion prize. In 2018, the Mega Millions came extremely close to getting back in the first position with an enormous prize of $1.53 billion. But these are not the only impressive prizes in this lottery’s portfolio. In fact, its hall of fame is one of the most impressive ones out there. Here are the top 10 Mega Millions jackpots!

10 Biggest Mega Millions Jackpots of All Time

Rank Date Amount # of winners Lucky Numbers
1Oct 23rd, 2018$1,53 billion115-23-53-65-70/7
2Mar 30th, 2012$656 million32-4-23-38-46/23
3Dec 17th, 2013$648 million28-14-17-20-39/7
4Jul 24th, 2018$543 million11-2-4-19-29/20
5Jul 8th, 2016$536 million1 8-19-20-55-73/5
6Mar 30th, 2018$533 million111-28-31-46-59/1
7Jan 5th, 2018$450 million128-30-39-59-70/10
8Jan 2nd, 2019$437 million157-70-34-62-44/14
9Mar 18th, 2014$414 million211-19-24-33-51/7
10Aug 11th, 2017$393 million123-33-53-56-58/6