Playing the US Mega Millions lottery can make your life change for the better – it can quite literally happen in a second! It only takes matching the set of lucky numbers, and you could win one of the Mega Millions prizes!

If you want to know how your numbers performed, simply check US Mega Millions results for the 10 most recent draws. Now you don’t have to worry about missing the live draw. You can always check recent Mega Millions results online, as well. You never know – you may be the owner of a winning ticket! Check the winning numbers right now, right here!

Ten Latest Mega Millions Draw Results

Below you can see the winning main numbers (5/70) + the Mega Ball (1/25) for the latest 10 draws of your favorite US lottery.

Mega Millions Numbers FAQ

If you want to find out more about the Mega Millions numbers, we’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions about them and answered each and every one of them. Here is everything you need to know about reading the results. Take a look!

  • Does number order matter in the Mega Millions?

No, the order of the Mega Millions numbers does not matter. As long as you have some or all the main numbers on your ticket, you are a winner. However, the main numbers and the Mega Ball are different. You cannot count the Mega Ball as one of the main numbers or vice versa, as they are drawn from separate guess ranges.

  • How do you read Mega Millions tickets?

To read your Mega Millions ticket, you have to look at the official results and compare the drawn Mega Millions numbers to the ones on your ticket. Make sure to look for the 5 main numbers in the main number section of your ticket and for the Mega Ball separately. Depending on how many of the numbers on your ticket match the winning numbers, you can win one of the 9 Mega Millions prize categories.

  • What time are the Mega Millions results posted?

The Mega Millions results are posted soon after the draw takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 23:00 EST. That is Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5 A.M. in South Africa.

  • Where are the Mega Millions results posted?

You can find the Mega Millions winning numbers on soon after each draw to find out if you’ve matched any of the prizes in the game.

  • Are the Mega Millions numbers interchangeable?

No, the Mega Millions numbers are not interchangeable. You cannot substitute the Mega Ball for main numbers or vice versa because these are drawn from separate number ranges.

  • How many numbers do you need to win on the Mega Millions?

To win a prize in the Mega Millions lottery, you need to match at least the Mega Ball. That is the requirement for the 9th prize category worth $4.00. To win the big jackpot, you need to match all the 5 main numbers and the Mega Ball.