The US Mega Millions lottery can make your life change for the better – it can quite literally happen in a second! It only takes a set of lucky numbers, and your bank account could be flooded with prize money.

If you want to know how your numbers performed, simply check US Mega Millions results for the 10 most recent draws. Now you don’t have to worry about missing the live draw. You can always check recent Mega Millions results online, as well. You never know – you may be the owner of a winning ticket! Check the winning numbers right now, right here!

US Mega Millions Winning Numbers

Below you can see the winning numbers (5/70) + the Mega Ball (1/25) for the latest 10 draws of your favorite US lottery, as well as the prize breakdown. You can also find out if the jackpot was won or the draw resulted in a rollover. When the draw does not have any jackpot winners, the Mega Millions jackpot increases, gaining at least $5 million.

Enjoy the US Mega Millions lottery results!

Ten Latest Mega Millions Draw Results