Play Mega Millions Syndicates from South Africa

Do you want to up your chances of winning the Mega Millions without spending a fortune on lottery tickets? Then, syndicates are the way to go! This is a smart way to play the lottery that completely changes the format in your favor. Let us tell you how to play Mega Millions syndicates and just how much you could win!

What Are Mega Millions Syndicates?

When you play Mega Millions syndicates, you enter the game as part of a group. This means that you will have a large number of tickets in the game and better chances of scooping a prize. But instead of paying for all the tickets, you only pay for a share of the total cost.

Mega Millions Syndicates

If one or more of the syndicate’s tickets is a winner, then the Mega Millions prize will be split between all the share-holders in the group. So, if your syndicate wins a Mega Millions jackpot, you will get your share of the prize.

The Mega Millions is one of the best lotteries for syndicates because it has enormous prizes. The jackpot only starts at $40 million, and the 2nd prize is worth $1 million. If you also have the Megaplier on your ticket, the second prize can get as high as $5 million. Even winning a share of prizes this big will make you extremely rich, so give syndicates a try because they can pay off greatly!

Can You Play Mega Millions Syndicates from South Africa?

Of course you can start your very own Mega Millions syndicate from South Africa. All you have to do is play online! We recommend a secure lottery concierge service like theLotter because they offer syndicates as a play option for the Mega Millions lottery. Their platform allows you to buy single entries, as well as syndicate shares. This way, you can have a diverse lottery experience and expand your game.

How to Play Mega Millions Syndicates Online

The easiest way to play Mega Millions syndicates is to do it online. You just have to buy your share and you are in the game with higher winning odds! On theLotter, for example, the tickets in the syndicate all feature randomly selected numbers (with the Quick Pick option) so in just a few steps, you can complete your syndicate play.

Mega Millions Syndicate Winners

Syndicates are a very popular option when it comes to the Mega Millions lottery. But for some players who decided to put in their tickets together, this play strategy has really paid off. Just to visualize how big syndicate wins can get in a lottery the size of the Mega Millions, let us tell you about the three biggest syndicate winners in the history of the game:

  1. Unnamed California Syndicate – $543 million – 2018

This is the latest and most notable syndicate win in the history of the Mega Millions lottery. 11 co-workers from California scooped a huge jackpot of $543 million. They were lucky enough to have the only jackpot-winning ticket, which means that they won the entire amount. If you’re wondering what their reaction to being new millionaires was, they all said that they intend to keep their jobs. Would you do the same if you won the Mega Millions?

  1. The Albany Seven – $319 million – 2011

Seven co-workers from Albany won an unbelievable $319 million after playing the Mega Millions together. They had a long-standing tradition of playing the lottery together. In fact, their usual lottery group included five other colleagues, who made the uninspired choice of opting out of the March 25th Mega Millions purchase. They played for four years before hitting the jackpot, but when they finally got a prize, they got the big one!

  1. The Three Amigos – $218 million – 2012

The Three Amigos is one of the best-known lottery syndicates of all time. Back in 2012, the Mega Millions jackpot got to an unprecedented $656 million, which became the world record for the biggest lottery jackpot (now dethroned by the $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot of 2016). There were three winning tickets in the draw of March 30th, 2012. As such, the Three Amigos received one-third of the legendary pot.

What do you think? Does playing Mega Millions syndicates pay off? If you do, then don’t hesitate to try this amazing play format for yourself! Remember you can play Mega Millions syndicates from South Africa online! Buy your very own share for an excellent chance to win!