Do you want to up your chances of winning the Mega Millions without spending a fortune on lottery tickets? Then, syndicates are the way to go! This is a smart way to play the lottery that completely changes the format in your favor. Let us tell you how to play Mega Millions syndicates online from South Africa and just how much you could win!

What Are Mega Millions Syndicates?

Mega Millions syndicates are a group-play format. This means that you will have a large number of tickets in the game and better chances of scooping a prize. But instead of paying for all the tickets yourself, you only pay for a share of the total cost. Each member of the syndicate buys a share, which splits the overall cost into smaller amounts.

What Happens if a Syndicate Wins?

If one or more of the syndicate’s tickets is a winner, then the Mega Millions prize will be split between all the share-holders in the group. So, if your syndicate matches the Mega Millions winning numbers for the jackpot or another prize, you will get your share. Keep in mind that syndicates can win more than one prize in the same draw, as they include a lot of tickets.

The Mega Millions is one of the best lotteries for syndicates because it has enormous prizes. The jackpot only starts at $40 million, and the 2nd prize is worth $1 million. If you also have the Megaplier on your ticket, the second prize can get as high as $5 million. Even winning a share of such big prizes will make you extremely rich, so give syndicates a try because they can pay off tremendously!

Can You Play Mega Millions Syndicates from South Africa?

On theLotter, you can start your very own syndicate in the Mega Millions from South Africa online. This is a secure lottery concierge service that offers syndicates as a play option for the Mega Millions lottery. All you have to do is purchase your share in the syndicate you want to play. Keep in mind that there are several types of syndicates available, each of them boasting various advantages.

What Types of Syndicates Can You Play Online?

There are 4 types of Mega Millions syndicates available. They are all consistent with the syndicate concept, but each of them enhances a specific feature of the game. Here’s how!

1. Random Selection – The numbers for all the Mega Millions tickets in this type of syndicate are chosen at random via Quick Pick. If you’re feeling adventurous, this is the right type of group play for you. The main advantage is going into the game with a very broad selection of numbers.

2. Systematic – This is a Mega Millions systematic form that you can play together with the group. This reduces the investment for this very exciting play format. The tickets feature all the possible combinations of 7-14 numbers (that are selected beforehand at random). This will give your chances of scooping a prize a huge boost.

3. MegaBall Match Guaranteed – The tickets in this type of syndicate feature all the possible numbers for the MegaBall. This way, the syndicate is guaranteed to have the MegaBall on at least one ticket. The main numbers for all the syndicate tickets will be selected at random.

4. Guaranteed Number Match – Every line in this type of syndicate includes one changing number. This dynamic number will go through the entire guess range of the Mega Millions main number. This way, the syndicate is guaranteed to have at least one of the drawn main numbers on the ticket. The other numbers for each line are selected at random.

Has Anybody Ever Won With Mega Millions Syndicates?

Yes, there are quite a few winners who have played the lottery as a group and won their fortunes this fway. From office pools to family syndicates, there are plenty of jackpot winners who have scooped their millions together. Take a look at our page about Mega Millions syndicate winners to find out their amazing stories.

What do you think? Does playing Mega Millions syndicates pay off? If you do, then don’t hesitate to try this amazing play format for yourself! Remember this amazing play option is available from South Africa online on theLotter! Buy your very own share for a chance to win!