Play South Africa Powerball online from anywhere in the world.The South African lotteries are some of the most exciting lottery games out there and they have created hundreds of millionaires over the years. In recent years, the South Africa Lotto results have been especially favorable, the number of lottery winners has increased, alongside lottery companies developing the games much more.

At the same time, it is so much easier to play the lottery now. You can buy a ticket from pretty much any store but it’s a lot easier to play the lottery online. Your future jackpot is just a click away and you can choose to play whichever lottery in the world appeals to you, may it be the US Mega Millions or the South Africa Powerball.

Here are the stories of some of the local South African lottery winners. They are all unique, amazing and inspiring and they all started with a lucky lottery ticket. They will motivate you to try your luck and become a winner yourself.

The Mysterious South African Lottery Winner

Out of all the South African Lottery winners, this story is most definitely worth talking about. Our mystery man played the South Africa Lotto back in August 2015 and won an amazing R7 million prize. The newspapers called him Paul Williams since they had no details about him as he chose to remain anonymous. Paul’s story is particularly interesting as he is what we call a lottery winner success story.

Most lotto winners lose their earnings within a few years of winning, but Paul isn’t one of them. He adopted a very mature approach to living the lottery life. Paul chose to keep a low profile and not go public about winning the jackpot. He only told his mother and sister, maintained the same lifestyle as before, only doing a few small renovations on his house. Paul also made very smart choices about investing his money and his fortune is now estimated at R20 million, only a couple of years after winning!

Once a Winner Twice a Winner

As if winning the lottery once wasn’t odds-defying enough, a player from Limpopo has managed to snatch the jackpot for the second time as well, with an even larger prize than the first time. In 2002 our South African lottery winner won a whopping R11 million playing the South Africa National Lottery. He continued to play the lottery out of passion so 7 years later he went even bigger and won an R30 million jackpot.

He is another winner who chose to remain anonymous in order to protect his privacy as well as his winnings. He invested the first prize to strengthen his business and the second one came just in time for him to invest in the future of his 4 children. Property development is another business focus for our lucky winner as this would enable him to address the homeless situation.

The Policeman Who Won the Lottery and Lost It All

This one is what we call the lottery winner gone broke kind of story. It is a well-known fact that over 70% of lottery winners lose their prize money within 3 to 5 years. Sadly, policeman Dayalin Maslamoney falls into this category. Shortly after winning an amazing R10 million prize, Dayalin split from his wife.

Parties, charities, and gifts to friends and family seem to have been the main spending drivers. Though mutual, the divorce was not without its difficulties. Both spouses sued the other for the remaining money, but the reality is that to this day, Dayalin has no fortune to his name.

South African Factory Worker Becomes a Millionaire

Spending R20 on a lottery ticket has never before proved to be such a successful investment. Our factory worker that became a millionaire on April 20th, 2016 is from Soweto, around her 50s and this prize could not have made her happier. She kept her ticket inside her Bible until the moment she claimed her prize, she still couldn’t believe she had matched all 6 numbers.

Playing the SA Lotto allowed her to try her luck and now she can finally make her dreams come true. Our lucky winner is happy to make retirement plans and buy a house for her daughter which is something she’s always wanted. She can now move into a house by the sea and retire early being South Africa’s newest millionaire.

Play South Africa Powerball online from anywhere in the world.

Cancer Survivor Wins South Africa Lotto

There is never a bad moment for winning the lottery, but sometimes it could not happen at a better time. When you have been diagnosed with cancer, lost sight in one eye and lost your job over too many sick days, now that is the absolute best moment to become a jackpot winner. This South African lottery winner is from Johannesburg and under these difficult circumstances he was the sole provider for his family.

On July 26th, 2017 a stroke of luck brought him a fabulous R17 million prize. He couldn’t believe it, tears of joy overwhelmed his entire family and hope had come back into their lives. Their good faith brought more happy news their way when they found out that the cancer had gone. His latest blood test results showed no traces of cancer in his body. The Johannesburg winner got a brand-new chance at life.

Unemployed Man Wins South Africa National Lottery

This is one of those heart-warming stories about a South African lottery winner that everyone still remembers years later. Our kind-hearted winner was going through quite a rough patch when the fabulous R34 million jackpot came his way. The man from Durban was unemployed and had very little hope for the future.

When he won the lottery, his good nature surfaced as he immediately set out to help the less fortunate and encouraged others to do so as well. He also wanted to buy himself his first house and help his family as well. His R60 investment in a lottery ticket changed his life and the life of those around him forever.