Play South Africa Powerball online from anywhere in the world.The SA Daily Lotto is one of South Africa’s most exciting lottery games. With a new draw every single day, it is always a good time to play because there is always a tempting jackpot in the running! Unlike other lotteries that have rollovers, the Daily Lotto gives out all of its prizes on each draw! The stakes are high for each Daily Lotto draw! The game is available in South Africa, but you can also play Daily Lotto online on theLotter, the world-leading lottery messenger service, from anywhere in the world. Here is everything you need to know about how to play the game, the Daily Lotto prizes, and how to win them!


How to play SA Daily Lotto – The Rules of the Game

The Daily Lotto rules are simple. For each ticket you want to play, you have to choose 5 numbers from 1 to 36. With such a low guess pool, you have amazing odds of winning the prizes each time. You can choose your numbers one by one or you can use the Quick Pick option to play with a random set of numbers.

When Are the SA Daily Lotto Draws?

The Daily Lotto draws take place every day at 21:00 (SA Time) except for Christmas Day. You can play every day to win a brand-new jackpot. Exciting, right? Then you can check your Daily Lotto results on our platform to find out if you are a winner.

How to Play SA Daily Lotto Online

Playing Daily Lotto online is extremely convenient. You can play the game from South Africa or from anywhere in the word on lottery messenger platform theLotter. It’s the safest way to play and it also comes with some excellent advantages. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up on theLotter.
  • Go to the Daily Lotto play page.
  • Choose your 5 numbers from 1 to 36.
  • Purchase your ticket and enter.
  • Match the 5 main numbers and you win the jackpot!

What Are the SA Daily Lotto Prizes?

There are 4 Daily Lotto prizes you can win on each draw. The amount of the prizes depends entirely on the prize pool. The more Daily Lotto tickets are sold for a draw, the bigger are the prizes on that draw. In the table below, you can see how much of the prize pool each category is worth and the average prize rate (for the last 365 draws):

When the SA Daily Lotto Jackpot is won

DivisionMatchPrize Fund %Average PrizeWinning Odds

When the SA Daily Lotto Jackpot is not won

DivisionMatchPrize Fund %Average PrizeWinning Odds

There are no rollovers in the SA Daily Lotto. If there is no winner for the jackpot, then the prize pool allocated to the first prize passes down to the second prize and it will be split between the winners of this category. If there are no second prize winners either, then the entire amount passes to the third prize and so on.

How to Boost Your Chances of Winning the SA Daily Lotto

The SA Daily Lotto is worth playing because each day brings a new chance to win the jackpot. It also has some amazing winning odds that bring you much closer to becoming a winner. But there is a way to make these tempting odds even better! How? By playing Daily Lotto online on theLotter. This way, you have access to advanced play methods that increase your chances of scooping one of the prizes. Here are the exciting options you can try out and the advantages they bring:

Daily Lotto Syndicates – the more tickets you have in the game, the more likely you are to win. This is the ultimate odds-boosting strategy and that is what you get with syndicates, but all for a small investment. The syndicate has a large number of tickets and players can purchase shares in the group play. When you buy your share, you get to play with all the tickets and if you win, you get that share of the prize. Pretty tempting, right?

Daily Lotto Bundles – this is the ideal choice for people who can’t decide between classic lottery tickets and syndicates. You can play Daily Lotto with a ticket that is entirely yours but also purchase a share in a syndicate. At theLotter, you get a discount for that with Bundles.

Daily Lotto Systematic Forms – this amazing play option gives you your very own lottery multiplier. With systematic forms, you can play with every possible combination of 7-9 numbers. If even some of them come up, then you will have them on more tickets and win more prizes! This is definitely worth trying out, especially if you have some lucky numbers that you want to play.

Multi-Draws and Subscriptions – If you are a Daily Lotto regular, then you have some special offers waiting for you at theLotter. With Multi-Draws, you can play ahead and have a ticket in each of the upcoming draws, all with a steady discount. You can also subscribe to the SA Daily Lotto to get every 10th ticket free of charge.

Play SA Daily Lotto online today to take part in South Africa’s biggest daily game! With attractive jackpots up every single day, it is always a good time to purchase your ticket! Take a chance and you could win one of the amazing prizes! It only takes matching 5 numbers to be the big winner of the day! Good luck!